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aviation officer operating under the staff supervision of the brigade S3. Fox One, Fox Two, Fox Three Pilots who fly fixed-gear aircraft are known to modify this call as “three down and welded.”. Meatball AOM G. G-loading, G-rating Jink Dirty TACTS is an integral element of aircrew training. NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions (English and French). A great deal, usually obtained at the expense of others. Cones Tactics Foreign Object Damage. Also called the “weenie board.”. A sheet of paper carried on all fight operations that is the key to current airborne communication codes. Radio call signaling that your quarry is in sight and you are taking control of the intercept. The Navy has time restrictions as to how long a crew can stand an Alert-5 watch. Arco Publishing. Three-Nine Line A tight, high-G change of heading. Also, Tom Cruise notwithstanding, fireproof gloves are always worn by military pilots regardless of the outside temperature. He advises the commander and staff on matters relating to the employment of Army aviation, organic or supporting. Contract Aircraft configured for landing with gear and flaps down. Red Flag Congratulations and how exciting! No Joy A summary of important information. Slang for a dogfight adversary, the usage stemming from the old Gomer Pyle television show. IFR This section is also different for every test taker. The terms origins date back to the time when the Army used pack animals, and handlers shaved the tail of newly-broken animals to distinguish them from those more seasoned. Used in position reportingAGL - Above Ground Level. When a pilot is really hot for a dogfight. I still like this one - ed.). CAG If you have a high one, you aren’t reliable. A manned aircraft can launch within five minutes. An airplane's altimeter reads … Class 2F/2P: Flight surgeons, APAs, AMNPs, those applying for or enrolled in the Army Flight Surgeon Primary Course. Tickets A AAA - Anti-Aircraft Artillery, e.g. JOPA Hangar deck of the aircraft carrier. The nose-up landing posture normal for most land-based aircraft. Phonetics for “Who cares.”. A - "ALPHA" AAA - Anti-aircraft Artillery.ACM - Air Combat Maneuvering, or dogfighting. The mission of Army Aviation is to find, fix, and destroy the enemy through fire and maneuver; and to provide combat, combat support and combat service support in coordinated operations as an integral member of the combined arms team. Boat As in “Brain Disengaged.” Derives from that bad thing that happens when you try to make a gear-up approach. Afterburner; a system that feeds raw fuel into a jet’s hot exhaust, thus greatly increasing both thrust and fuel consumption. FM 1-02.1 uses joint terms where applicable. Electric Jet Got confused or forgot what was happening. Unfortunately, it can be pretty intimidating. An all-encompassing term for keeping track of what’s happening when flying. High-performance aircraft subject airframes and occupants to centrifugal forces far beyond simple gravity. Close-in, slow-speed aerial dogfight with a nimble adversary. Tail Hook Where you catch the wires. SA involves knowing what your airplane is doing relative to its envelope, where your adversary is and what he’s up to, where the ground is, the status of enemy threats on the ground, and hundreds of other variables. A mandatory signal, usually a visual (waveoff lights on the lens) or audible command (on the UHF radio) for a pilot to cease his approach and not touch down. "From horse to helicopter. Drift Factor What you are when you’re flying in the goo. Students, short for coneheads: also called nurkin heads, or studs. Speed Slacks, Speed Jeans Helo The O-3s (lieutenants) and below in a unit that band together for mutual protection. Whiskey Delta Mud-mover, Ground-pounder An arrested landing on a carrier, a helo landing into an RSD (rapid securing device). Helicopter Terms, Definitions & Expressions. Circular Error Probable. FM 1-02.1 applies to the Active Army, Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and United States Army Reserve unless otherwise stated. Gouge Checking for Light Leaks Pilot, as in “helo driver,” or “fighter jock.”, JP-4, JP-5 A reference to the rapid 180-degree Batmobile maneuver in the old Batman television series. On any aircraft, too great an angle of attack will cause the wing to stop flying (stall), as airflow across the upper surface is disrupted. Junior Officer Protective Association. What an aerial tanker does. Get the top ARS abbreviation related to Army. All Officer’s Meeting. Ball LSO V-speeds or Velocity-speeds are standard terms used to define airspeeds / performance speeds in a wide variety of operating conditions which are important or useful to the operation of aircraft The actual speeds represented by these designations are true airspeeds specific to a particular model of aircraft, and are expressed in terms of the aircraft's indicated airspeed, so … Transporting the British Army in war and peace". Electronic Countermeasures; systems for jamming or misleading enemy weapons, communications, and radar. Landing short in the ramp area, resulting in a crash. Brain Housing Group Keeping an eye peeled for an ACM adversary; also called “doing the Linda Blair,” for the 360-degree head rotation in the movie The Exorcist. Crossdeck Pendant Sortie: used by air forces to indicate an aircraft mission count (flew seven sorties) or in the sense of a departure (the aircraft sortied). select Zone 5, tag the bogey, Inertial Navigation System. High PRF Unexpected attack on another aircraft. A disagreeable job without the time or resources to properly complete. SA If you eject, you’re a member (a reference to the Martin-Baker company, manufacturer of ejection seats). Angle of Attack (AOA) TransPac/Lant When things feel right. JORP The following are helicopter terms and definitions as pertaining to aviation, and helicopters or rotorcraft in particular. Its universal nickname is Topgun. HUD Three Down and Locked Hook Slap Very, very fast. Pass Loud, raucous partying (“we were booming last night”); or, fast, exciting flying (“we went booming through the mountains”). Slang term for shipboard TACAN station. Hawk Circle Early Topgun hops honor a 10,000-foot AGL hard deck. Quick Fix Nylon trousers that wrap around the legs and abdomen. Speed of Heat, Warp One Nickname for the A-4 Skyhawk. Jock, Driver Ack Ack guns – Anti aircraft guns Abaft – Farther than aft Abeam – Object located in your 3 or 9 O’clock position. My Fun Meter is Pegged Charlie Foxtrot Throttle Back Ramp Strike Slider Medical evacuation 6. Comment on an exciting fly-by when high speed at low altitude or high G causes dramatic vapor trails. Otherwise it is a “low pass.”. Nickname for the F-14 Tomcat (when landing, the movement of its control surfaces makes it look like a turkey). Died. Rhino A required confirmation call prior to landing at Air Force bases. Upon graduation the students will have accumulated 179 hours of flight instruction totaling 149 in an aircraft and 30 in a simulator. An airplane’s altimeter reads height above Mean Sea Level (MSL), the more realistic measurement over land is height Above Ground Level. Flare Roof ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering), also called “bumping heads.”. Also Fitter, Flanker, Fresco Fulcrum, etc. which applies pressure to the legs to aid in preventing blackout during high-G maneuvering. Aviation has it’s own particular terminology that can differ greatly from common english dictionary terms. An aircraft that suffers chronic “downs”; hangar queens are often pirated for spares for the squadron’s other aircraft, so when the aircraft leave the carrier at the end of the cruise, the maintenance officer normally flies the hangar queen because he knows which parts have been taken (the “queen’s” ejection seats are especially well preflighted). FOD The intent of an ACA is to allow simultaneous attack of targets near each other by multiple fire support means, one of which is air. Tilly Bingo Field Hummer A mechanical problem on an aircraft. Greenwood. Forche, who now serves as an U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command logistics management specialist, is a native of Cameroon and migrated to the U.S. in 2001 through the Diversification Visa Program. Useful to both enthusiasts and profs. The part of a carrier where you don’t want to land; it is well down on the fantail, so if you hit it, you are way too low (at least one Navy pilot earned the nickname “Spud” for doing just that). Legend has it that whenever a lieutenant makes lieutenant commander, he is given a lobotomy and half his brain is removed. The aircraft carrier is “THE Boat.”. Glove Rounddown A carrier landing attempt in which the tailhook fails to engage any of the arresting wires, requiring a “go-around,” and in which the aircraft landing gear contacts the deck. Vulture’s Row VSTOL Doctrinal . Responsible for ensuring that his leader’s six o’clock remains clear. terms army aviation Classes. Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and the U.S. Army Reserve unless otherwise stated. State Echo Range Dogfight adversary positively identified as a bad guy. FASO Filled automatically with compressed air in high-G maneuvers, the G-suit helps prevent the pooling of blood in the lower extremities, thus retarding the tendency to lose consciousness. The ominous creaks, pops, and shudders of an aircraft in flight. Bounce, Tap Anti-collision beacon on an aircraft. Polite phonetics for “tits up”; broken, not functioning. "Army aviation in Vietnam. Carrier On-Board Delivery aircraft, used to transfer personnel and cargo to and from the carrier. Prominently displayed squadron scoreboard where the landing signal officers rate the pilots’ carrier landings (any color other than green is bad ). Navigation aid which provides bearing and distance (slant range) between it and an airplane. Whiskey Charlie Trap Jet intakes can ingest loose objects, and even the smallest item — a rock, a bolt — can seriously damage jet turbine blades. The Navy Fighter Weapons School, a graduate school for fighter pilots. Alert 5 BuNo Anti-Smash FAG Hands On Throttle And Stick. The yellow button in an F/A-18 cockpit that jettisons all the external stores in an emergency. bingo to Mom — Got it? REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama – In 2001, Allen Forche decided to serve his country and enlist in the United States Army. Above Ground Level. This information comes with the generous consent of the Tail Hook Organization. Bolt, Bolter Technically a half-hour after midnight, but commonly used to describe any event that is scheduled to take place after midnight and before sunrise. Bad weather that makes it impossible to see; in the clouds. Up and Locked Down (“Shack is a bagger. ... army aviation army artillery leaflet bomb army aviation hospital army artillery group Air Astronomical Almanac army artillery repair shop air base air brigade Some jets, most notably the F-4 Phantom, are unrecoverable from certain departures. Aviators will attend the Basic Skills Course. (2000). Bat Decoder Buster Technically, to line up the axis of a gun with its sights, but pilots use the term to describe concentrating on a small detail to the point of causing some detriment to the “big picture.”. Passing Gas Fangs Sunk in Floorboard Lethal Cone, Cone of Vulnerability Sometimes means in jest: “Not Applicable To Our Present Situation.” NATOPS manuals are sometimes referred to as “the big blue sleeping pill” in reference to their blue plastic covers. An official list of members is maintained. Overland Air Superiority Training. The point at which fighters, closing head-on, flash past each other. Electronic jamming intended to deceive radar. Warthog How much fuel you’ve got. Very Short Takeoff and Landing. The glideslope indication light that pilots watch when they’re trapping. A device that, when properly loaded and aligned, permits the pilot to determine his location anywhere on earth within a few hundred feet. Padlocked A hinge is then installed so the brain half may be reinstalled later (or, in some cases, the other half is also removed). Altitude, measured in thousands of feet (“angels fifteen” means 15,000 feet above sea level). Kick the Tires and Light the Fires ACM Air Wing Making decisions about air-land warfare". AGL Above Ground Level. Dash Two Gomer The F-14 is so large that it is sometimes referred to by this term. One-G equals normal gravity; a pilot and plane pulling 4-Gs in a turn will feel forces equal to four times the weight of gravity. Most military aircraft have a radar-altimeter, which reads aircraft height above ground level. Also, an attempt at landing. The latest inside information. An army aviation unit is an aviation-related unit of a nation's army, sometimes described as an air corps. A landing made at twilight between the official time of sunset (or sunrise) and “real” darkness; it officially counts as a night landing, but is cheating; preferred type of “night” landing by 0-4’s and above. Some general characteristics, however, apply to all army aviation units regardless of provenience: 1. Land-based runway to which carrier aircraft can divert if necessary. A constant concern on airfields and carrier decks where jet engines operate. What they do best. Maximum afterburner in the Tomcat. Check Six Head of the Air Department on board a carrier; he rules the flight deck. Stop-gap measure or computer box change to repair an aircraft quickly. Section Fellow squadron members; anyone who flies the same aircraft as you do. “Stand clear of Cat 1 while firing no-loads.”. Sniffer JO What something does when you hit it with a missile. During the Vietnam War, flying missions into the Hanoi-Haiphong complex in North Vietnam, which was defended by multiple SAM and conventional AAA sites, was referred to as “Going Downtown.”. Merge, Merged Plot drawer 8 daleville, alabama 36332 phone: (334) 598-4411 . What does AOB stand for in Aviation? Prang Also “bugging” as in, “Quit pinging on me.” From Sonar Pinging in helo ASW. Anti-aircraft Artillery. An aviator who is an officer but not a pilot; pilots say it stands for “No Future Occupation”; also called the “Non-Flying Object” and “walk-n’-talkin’ navbag.” Sometimes referred to as DAP for “Double-Anchor Puke” (a reference to the crossed anchors on the NFO wings). Up on the Governor Bag Waveoff The United States Army Aviation Branch is the administrative organization within the United States Army responsible for doctrine, manning and configuration for all army aviation units. Bat-turn Where you send a wrecked aircraft. Capable of vectoring its jet thrust to shorten its take-off roll or even to rise and descend vertically. Current airplanes need not apply, this is a nostalgic term referring to birds gone by. Delta Sierra Up to Speed, or Up to Snuff The traditional initial rotary wing flight training model is 32 weeks and consists of four phases. Liaison 9. Heater Bingo but don’t get in a furball. Phonetic abbreviation for “shit hot,” high praise; the pilot’s favorite and all-purpose expression of approval. Double Nuts Bandit HOTAS Loss of situational awareness is often cited as a contributing factor tomany military-aviation mishaps. Carrier qualification; a set number of carrier takeoffs and landings required in training and at periodic intervals of all carrier flight crews. You will have 30 minutes to complete 40 questions about aviation knowledge, specifically how helicopters work, and specific questions about US Army aviation. Sidewinder missile which homes in on heat sources. Landing gear down and ready for landing. TACtical Aid to Navigation. TACAN Feeling of confidence or security. Bogey Also known as “paddles.”. Mother requests, “Say your state.” Responded to in the form of hours and minutes of fuel onboard til you fall out of the sky (“splash”). Make flashcards to study whenever a spare moment presents itself. See also Rhino. Radar Intercept Officer. An illustrated history of unit insignia, aircraft camouflage and markings". These terms concern the type of use of aviation armed forces. Spud Locker When an aircraft arrives at a boat for recovery, this instruction tells the pilot to stay clear and save gas; refers to a holding pattern at the boat. Highly technical, detailed, and hard to understand (“It’s getting down to gigahertz and nanoseconds.”), Gizmo Army Aviation became increasingly important with advances in helicopter technology, leading to the UH-1 Iroquois (popularly known as the Huey) and the CH-47 Chinook transport and the AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters. Two aircraft operating together as a tactical unit. Tactical transport both internally and externally, of personnel and material 3. Mother, or Mom A “cold cat,” one in which insufficient launch pressure has been set into the device, can place the hapless aircraft in the water. Zero-Dark-Thirty Bureau number, the permanent serial number that the Navy assigns to an aircraft when it is built. Departure I can understand however, that the transition can be confusing and scary at first. Tango Uniform Choose from 500 different sets of terms army aviation flashcards on Quizlet. Pilot Landing Aid Television. Types of jet fuel: the aroma of which makes former aviators nostalgic for flight operations. A hamburger cooked in aircraft carrier wardrooms with cheese to ensure the grease contest is high enough to guarantee it will slide off the plate in heavy seas. Angels The pilots of other aircraft on the same mission as you. A carrier takeoff assisted by a steam-powered catapult. A skillful landing attempt. Formerly, to bypass or severely shorten the required routine of physically inspecting the aircraft prior to flight. Hard Deck Projectile vomiting, a symptom of airsickness. Gripe Ok nugget, kick the tires, light the fires, NATOPS JO Bunkroom FARP Similarly, Alert 15, Alert 30, Alert 60. Angles Once a pair of common problems, but practically unheard of today. When the LSO orders a pilot not to trap. The hook engages one of four trap wires to achieve rapid deceleration during routine landings aboard aircraft carrier flight decks at sea or properly equipped landside training runways. Hamburger Helper Fleet Air Superiority Training. Rapid-firing cannon or machine guns, often aimed by computers and radar. Controller term for full military power: to hurry up, go as fast as possible. Fishbed, Flogger Nickname for the F-4 Phantom and now the F/A-18E or -18F Super Hornet. Imaginary line across your airplane’s wingspan. “Nice Vapes” The primary optical landing device on the carrier. Any Navy ship regardless of size. A corner of the China Lake Naval Weapons Test Center outfitted with ground targets and electronic threat simulators. Radio calls indicating the firing of a Sparrow, Sidewinder, or Phoenix air-to-air missile, respectively. Snuggle Up Popeye Lost the Bubble The Phantom was also known as the Double Ugly. Nylon Letdown Roll ’Em Also the terminal portion of a helicopter autorotation in which rotor speed can be accelerated while reducing rate-of-descent and forward groundspeed. Two Turnin’ and Two Burnin’ This is a 4-week course and is the foundation for aviation mission planning, briefing, and precision navigation. A piece of technical gear (also doodad, thingamabob, or hog-ha). Extremely excitable (PRF is a radar term: pulse repetition frequency). The planned landing time aboard a carrier. Aviation, aerospace and pilot jargon buster with hundreds of acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in the flying world. Flathatting Radio call made when a pilot shoots down a drone. Goes Away "Military helicopter doctrines of the major powers, 1945-1992. Double Ugly The point at which aircraft come into contact, after having been vectored toward each other by radar control. Huey Co.. ISBN, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia,, U.S. soldiers in OH-58D Kiowa and AH-64 Apache helicopters conduct a combat air patrol in Iraq, Tactical transport both internally and externally, of personnel and material. Some general characteristics, however, apply to all army aviation units regardless of provenience: In order to fulfill their manifold tasks, army aviation mostly uses helicopters. Minimum fuel for a comfortable and safe return to base. Power Puke or Power Barf The authority, boss, or person with full responsibility; also descriptive of a pilot’s prowess (“He’s an ACM god”). |A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I |J|K|L|M|N|O|P|Q|R |S|T|U|V|W|X|Y|Z|. Admiral’s Doorbell a videotape camera that records all carrier launches and recoveries. Universal nickname for the A-10 Thunderbolt II close air support aircraft. PLAT Envelope Any of the (limited) variety of single-handed culinary delights found in the wardrooms or mess decks on the boat. Logistic and battlefield support 2. LEAPEX The second plane in a two-or-more aircraft formation; the wingman. The very back end of the flight deck, so called because of its rounded shape. Basement Supplants mechanical/hydraulic actuation common in earlier jets. Boola-Boola Also known as “speedjeans.”, Gigahertz and Nanoseconds Phonetics for “dumb shit”: describes a stupid action, and erases all previous Bravo Zulus and Sierra Hotels. A viewing gallery on an aircraft carrier’s island where you can watch flight operations. Second pilot in a two-plane formation. A device held by the LSO that activates the “cut” light on the lens: as a verb, to drop a bomb or external fuel tank. RAG If you get a wave off or a bolter, that’s where you go. A good, righteous airplane. Reconnaissance and fire supportin a combined arms team 7.

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