Why Use Revolution Marketing?

“We help businesses get more customer, increase sales and make more money.”

If you’re on this website,then chances are that you own a small business or are a business professional. You would like to grow your business and make it more profitable so you can have more time and financial freedom to do the things in life you really enjoy. I’m sure you enjoy the work you do, but being able to spend more time with your family and friends, travel the world or whatever it is that you are really passionate about is more important. Hiring us to market your business will help achieve those goals.

We specialize in getting new leads and more sales for your business through a number of marketing methods. We can also assist with leveraging your current customers into buying from you more often increasing the lifetime value of each client.

What makes Revolution Marketing Strategies so different?

Before we get started working with you, we like to have a consultation to see where you are at in your business, what your goals and expectations are.

What kind of marketing are you currently doing? Is it working for you? Are you currently tracking your advertising to see how effectively your dollars are being spent? Are you already targeting keywords on your current website or with Pay Per Click marketing? If so, do those keywords have a high commercial intent? (that last one even some of the big boys don’t know about)  😉

We tailor each marketing strategy for YOUR specific business. What may work for someone else’s business may not necessarily for for yours. You’ll get real marketing solutions customized for your business.

We recommend the services that we feel will work best for you. We won’t try sell you everything under the sun or push the higher priced items on you.If we feel that you don’t need the big packages, then we will recommend to slow down, and conversely, if we feel that there is a golden opportunity for you to completely dominate an area, then we’ll suggest doing so. We always have your best interest in mind!

As well, we want to make sure that not only are we a good fit for you and your business,we also want to make sure that you are a good fit for us in ours. We won’t take on “just any old client”,and we wouldn’t expect you to hire “any old marketing company”. We both need to make sure that we like each enough to want to do business together for a long,long time. *Side note. You’re not ever going to want to leave us once we start producing killer results for you..you’ve just been warned*. As much as we are in the marketing business, we are also in the relationship business… so let’s have a good one!

So you guys must be MASSIVE then, right?

You might think so, but we pride ourselves in being a small company. We may be small but our footprint is HUGE!! And best of all, we are able to work efficiently to make sure that YOUR business’ footprint is also going to be HUGE!

Because we aren’t some giant agency with 1,000 clients, we get to focus our time and energy on you and your business!!

We have a team that knows what it takes to get your business on the front page of the search engines, more eyes on your videos,and more people “liking” your Fan Page…basically, more people coming into your business and buying your products or services. After all…isn’t that why you are here anyway?

Gotta love the little guy!

Unlike the big agencies, we won’t hold you to long 2 year contracts, in fact most of our services don’t even have any contracts, so there is no risk to you at all!

That being said, we make sure right from the start that we feel comfortable in being able to offer you significant returns in having us work for you. If we don’t feel that we can offer you increased traffic and business, then we won’t take your business! We understand that doing business together must be beneficial for both parties involved, not just us. Sure, we would love to take your money, but if we don’t feel that we can’t make you an extremely satisfied customer, then we don’t want your business. Our reputation is too important to us, to have someone say they weren’t satisfied.

At Revolution Marketing Strategies, we eat and sleep marketing, and most of all we care about your business!

To say we are passionate about marketing would be an extreme understatement, and we know that we will deliver you amazing results.

Let us know how we can help grow your business!

Contact us now and Join The Revolution! Your business deserves it!

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