What are YOU Doing?

By natgreen | Internet TIps

May 25

You know that you need to touch your prospects an average on seven times before they buy from you. The key is to stay in touch with your prospects and your customers.

Which of the following have you implemented?:

  • Newsletter
  • Email messages
  • Text messaging

Does the form on your website just go to your email to follow up or are you building a “list”?

With an Autoresponder system, you can design a follow up campaign.

Send your customers a series of messages filled with tips that you will “drip” over time to your prospects

You may also have a mixed customer base and want to send a different message to each set.


Offering an incentive is a great way to build a list.

Use a free report, consultation, or a coupon if possible.

Remember that givers get, so give something that's appropriate to your audience.


Include a call to action which tells them to take a specific action in order to what you have to offer.

What you say is very important.

  • Don’t be too pitchy.
  • Make sure to provide value.
  • Stay relevant.
  • Personalize your messages whenever possible.

Consider answering your most frequently asked questions or include information that your readers should be thinking about but don’t know to ask.

Ask if there is something specific you can assist them with.

As you get feedback, check to see if you have incorporated any of the pain points in your messages.

Monitor your open rate and your unsubscribe rate to give you an idea of what may need to be changed.

Measure your conversion rate. If you have low conversions from your opt-ins, look to see where things are getting bottlenecked.

Which of these are you doing to grow YOUR business?

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