Video Marketing

Video marketing has an obvious appeal to audiences.

Not everyone likes to read content online so if you want to generate more visitors to your website or more sales for your business, then don’t just rely on written content. Many people prefer learning visually rather than reading because video is so much more stimulating.

Utilizing video not only can target specific target demographic, but it also can be used to showcase your products or services while reaching and engaging your viewers with your powerful marketing message.

Video marketing also has the ability to “go viral” and expose your business around the web very quickly which will increase visitors to your website exponentially. It is easily one of the most effective marketing strategies available today, and is used in many successful marketing campaigns from giant corporations to small businesses…so why not use it in yours?

An obvious advantage of video over print is that video involves more of the senses; it sells your product or service using sight, sound, and emotion. So your prospects are more engaged, and more likely to be sold on the idea that they want / need your products or services. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a video is a full library.

It is easy to become an expert in your field by making videos with good content and offering value to others. Once people view you and your business as someone who is an expert, they will trust you and want to do business with you.

Hire Revolution Marketing Strategies to shoot and produce a high impact video commercial for your business. 

Youtube is ranked as the third most visited site online and many other video sites are being created every day. There are 1 BILLION videos watched per day on Youtube with over 200 MILLION Americans watching videos per month! Our culture is absolutely infatuated with video.One of the reasons for this is because video enables you to capture people who like to watch rather than read. This extends the reach of your content because you can appeal to visual learners.

Almost 60% of traffic online is from video alone! With today's portable devices, it is easier for consumers to carry your videos with them wherever they go, allowing you to access video content anywhere at any time.

Search engine LOVE videos! It is easier to get higher rankings on the search engines by using video.Google recently introduced Universal Search. This means videos now appear in the search results pages. So, when you search for pretty much anything, videos will turn up in your results.Plus, the video thumbnails stand out from the links and lines of text to grab your attention!

Google rankings screen shot

We can get your videos ranked on the first page of Google and help you stand out from the crowd.