Steal Customers From Your Competition

How Would You Like To Legally Steal Customers From Your Competitors?

We know that sounds like a lot of hype but in this case it is completely warranted.The technology is this system is both mind-blowing and if we're being 100% honest, a little creepy... but hey, when being creepy makes our clients a lot of money, we're cool with it. 😉

How Does It Work?

First, we set a "digital fence" around any location you want to target prospects at... and yes, we do mean anywhere. As in anywhere, anywhere. This could be :

  • Your direct competitors. Entice them to your business with a special offer like a coupon, a special event or the new arrival of a hot product.
  • Businesses that share the same customer types as yours but aren't in direct competition.
  • Locations where ideal customers / clients visit before needing your services (ie. emergency rooms for personal injury attorneys)
3 Digital Fences set around department stores in a mall.

3 Digital Fences set around department stores in a mall. NOTE: We could do one for the whole mall but then we'd be wasting ad budget on people who have no interest in purchasing your related products.

We show banner ads to everyone who steps foot inside of our digital fences. The really cool thing is we show ads to people on ALL their devices that use the same accounts and applications as on their smart phones. So whether they're at home or at the office, on their laptop, desktop, or on the go with the tablets or smartphones, we're able to keep your business top of mind by showing them ads multiple times per day.

Various sizes of banner ads your soon-to-be customers will see.

A small sample of some of the hundreds of thousands of websites that your prospects may see your ads on as they surf the internet.

After someone clicks on your banner ads, we take them to a conversion optimized landing page that has one main objective. To get them to do one specific thing. Not 3 things and 16 different links to click on. One. Single. Thing.

That single thing could be to enter their email address in exchange for a coupon or special report, to schedule a consultation call (like the one you can get when you click the green button on this page) or to call you directly.

This customer attraction system is unlike anything on the market right now and is proven to be extremely effective (and maybe a little sneaky).

Contact us now to get this powerful marketing system working for you business and start attracting new customers away from your competitors and into your business... before one of them start stealing your customers away from you.

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