Mobile Websites


99% of websites are still not optimized for mobile devices. Chances are, yours isn't.

The problem with “non mobile websites“.

Actually, it's not a problem…it's more like problems.

Regular more traditional websites have lots of images and videos and are slow to load on mobile devices which have much slower processors than computers. Don't even get us started on “Flash” based sites…if your website has any amount of flash on it, it is useless on iPhones and Blackberries. Nothing like alienating the majority of your customers or anything…

Regular websites are designed to fit on screens that are anywhere from 12 inches and up and when loaded onto the smaller screen of a smartphone, they require the visitor to pinch and expand the screen or scroll around the page looking for the the right place to click to find the information they are looking for. People don't like to scroll, so don't make them.

Give your customers a user friendly experience and get a mobile friendly website.

With 40% of people leaving your website if it isn't mobile friendly, you can now plug your leaky bucket and retain all those lost sales opportunities.

Potential customers who are looking for products and services just like yours are walking or driving around your city looking for you. If you're lucky enough that they find you before they click on your competitors, the last thing you want is for them to wait forever for your site to fully load or get frustrated and leave your site immediately.

Why do you need a mobile website for your business?

Mobile websites are formated to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices. The text and images are larger so they're easier to read.

The navigation buttons are larger so they're easier to navigate.

They have tap to call buttons and large maps so people on the go can easily call you or find directions to get to your place of business.

Do you see a theme here? They make it EASY for your customers to do business with you!

Make it easy for your customer and they will reward you with more sales and more profits in your cash register.

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