Messenger Marketing

People are messaging on a global scale, and they expect to be able to connect with friends, family, and their favourite businesses through the apps where they spend the most time — like Facebook. And regardless of age, people prefer messaging over calling or emailing because it has made communication simpler, more ongoing, more frequent, and more thoughtful. A recent survey by Nielsen showed that 53% of people say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.1

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Why Use Messenger Marketing?

Messenger gives you everything you need to instantly communicate with people, whether they’re on desktop or on-the-go using a mobile device.

This gives your business a fast and convenient way to reach and respond to customers, whether it’s to answer customer service questions, provide product / service availability and to make sales. In fact, there are more than 2 billion messages sent between people and businesses each month, including both automated and people-initiated.2 So what attracts people to messaging platforms in the first place? We see three elements that are generally consistent across this medium. Messaging platforms are:


Over the last five years, mobile has shifted from being a secondary device to the primary one that most people use to browse the internet, conduct business and stay in touch with friends and family.

With this shift, desktop and more traditional forms of communication - such as email and phone calls - are no longer the only immediate means of connecting with friends, family and businesses.


Messaging allows for the sharing of content far beyond just text. Messenger marketing offers several ways to communicate with both your soon-to-be and existing customers / clients / patients through images, animated GIFs, emojis, video, audio and more. The expressive nature of messenger marketing can help your business send important information like product or service pictures and how they are helpful to the lives of your clientele.


Messenger marketing has evolved to fit the behaviours of your customers: features such as maps with directions, click to call , downloadable content, discounts and much more. These are helpful in every day life and succeed in driving more foot traffic into your business. 

Stats That You Can't Ignore

Email has been the "standard" for marketing communications for years. And while it still delivers a positive return on your investment (if done correctly), messenger marketing wipes the floor in terms of open rates (read messages) and click through rates (people actually landing on your content or sales page).

While traditional email open rates vary average around 23% with click through rates a measly 3.26%, Messenger absolutely destroys those numbers with an average of 84% open and click through rates and 28%.

That is a huge increase of people reading your marketing message and taking action on it which translates into exponential growth for your business from the same size of audience. That's like free money!

As people rely more on messaging apps to communicate with their friends and family, there’s a growing expectation that they will be able to communicate with businesses in instant, expressive, convergent ways. Are you ready to see how messaging can help you communicate better with prospective and current customers?

Now is the BEST time for you to connect with your customers via Facebook Messenger and deliver enriching experiences to them.

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1“Facebook Messaging Survey” by Nielsen (Facebook-commissioned study of 12,500 people ages 18+ who used a mobile messaging app in the past 30 days​
2Facebook data, Apr 2017