Dec 30

Things to think about

By natgreen | Customer Acquisition

We've put together some questions that you should ask yourself.

Do you have a website?
If so,is it making you many sales?
Is it getting any visitors?
If I were to search in Google for key phrases that your customers would be using to look for you, will I find you somewhere on the first page?

For those of you that have a website, I commend you, but I want you to take a good look at it. Is it actually bringing you sales. if not, it isn't doing it's job and with a few tweaks, we can have it pumping cash flow back into your business. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Here' a few more to think about.

Are you collecting the email addresses of your customers?
Do you use your website to follow up with your customers?
Did you know you can send special offers by email to bring in more business?

If the answer to any of these was “no”, you are missing out. Every business should be collecting contact information from their potential clients so they can continue to market to them for a special event, a huge sale or even to get people in the door on a slow and rainy afternoon. There are a few really cool ways to do this.Either online with lead capture forms or offline with Mobile marketing.This is easily the next big thing….

Where do the majority of your sales come from now?
What's the key reason people choose to buy from you? What makes your
business unique?

That last one is very important. More than likely, you have other business around you that do what you do. If you are a Realtor or mortgage broker, for example, what is it that separates you from everyone else? Why would someone buy from you instead of one of your competitors?

Being the authority or expert in your industry and branding yourself or your business as such is very important.

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Dec 20

How To Install A Facebook Like Box On Your Website

By natgreen | Internet TIps

Facebook Like Box

Click “Edit Page” then “Marketing” then “Add a Like Box To Your Website”

Then enter your Facebook Fan Page URL width of box and make changes to stream ,color, etc. Once it looks how you want it to, click on get code and copy and paste the code into your sidebar widget.

For WordPress, go to :

Click “Appearance” on the left hand side and then “Widgets”
Then drag a new text widget over to your sidebar and paste the code into the widget. Make sure to click save. Now refresh your webpage and voila!

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Dec 18

Understanding Page 1

By natgreen | Search Engine Optimization

We've all heard a million times that we need our businesses to be on the infamous Page 1 of Google, in fact if you're a business owner you probably get pitched guarantees of ranking at the top on the “Big G”every other day.

With more and more people looking online or using their phones to find local businesses every day, I think it is important to break down just how important it is to be up top…just in case you didn't pay attention the first 10 times someone was trying to sell you on the idea 😉

Have a look at this image and let's see how the percentage of people clicking on the 10 positions break down.

Page one traffic

It is painfully obvious that the top 3 spots (and the #1 spot in particular) get the lion's share of the clicks. Obviously, it is in your best interest to take over that top spot….or even better yet….multiple top spots. By having your website, some videos, articles and social media profiles all ranked at the top, you could own page one.

That wouldn't be such a bad thing would it? 😉

If you want to dominate your local market, we can help connect you with the people looking to do business with you.

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Dec 17

Those “Yellow” Books

By natgreen | Customer Acquisition

It would be easy and maybe a little biased to say that “they just don't work anymore”, but the truth is, the phone book directories just don't work nearly as good as thy once did. I guess some people somewhere still may use them…I just don't know anyone that does.

I can only speak from personal experience, but I have not used a phone book in well over 5 years…and I'm pretty confident that I'm not the only one. I'll be honest, I've been thinking of going to the Yellowpages office and asking for one for each city in the lower mainland, but only because I want to suggest to the businesses that are still advertising in them that there is a much better alternative 😉

Here's another image that warms my heart. At least people are recycling them and not tossing them in the dumpsters.

If you as a business owner are still using those yellow books to advertise,ESPECIALLY if you have full page colored ads, you really need to get the new online directory.

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